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Innovating Garden Design

At Manna landscapes we work closely with you to create a personal & customized design that is best suited to your home, lifestyle and unique package of desires and needs. We will provide you with guidance, artistic suggestions and put together a comprehensive plan of action whilst of course keeping your best interests at heart. We believe that the home is an integral part of the garden & not the other way around. A well executed landscape design or garden design increases not only the enjoyment of a home, but the actual square meterage of valuable usable space.

Studies have shown that thoughtfully and skillfully developed outdoor spaces can increase the value of your home by up to 20%. Garden design in Sydney, therefore, should be a part of every home owners strategy to increase value.

We would like to demonstrate to you that through skillful planning and professional installation that outdoor living areas are an excellent investment, outstanding design solutions can be achieved for you while avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary confusion.

Your decision to engage Manna Landscapes will be a smart investment towards enhancing your home & its settings.

Manna landscapes 5 Step garden design process

1/Fill out & submit the landscape design checklist this enables us to be best equipped and educated to understand the needs of you and your family also gives yourself opportunity to think about what you would like out of your garden. There is no fee at this stage, to down load the checklist click here

2/Initial Consultation This is a chance for you to meet with one of our designers and together with your design checklist we can best review your requirements and put together a list of objectives for the project. Our one hour consultation fee is $110  . To book a consultation click here

3/Concept plan. After listening to your ideas and priorities back in the office we then analyze your properties character, strengths and problems we will then develop one or more alternative concept plans for your review this forms the framework for us to build on. Our fees for planning are $88 per hour.

4/Master plan. The final master plan represents the culmination of your choices based on our concepts and typically represents a complete layout for your garden showing all hard &soft landscaped areas complimented by garden features or architectural concepts.

5/Planting plan. Using the master plan as a base we produce a working drawing from which the garden will actually be planted which includes a full planting schedule showing botanical names, plant container sizes and location of each plant or group of plants on the plan. We also produce color pictures of each plant species on the plan for you to easily identify. Our plant palette is rich with variety and we are consistently updating our options with new varieties & cultivars.

Additional documents and service

Determined by your requirements & the scope of the project we can also provide lighting plans, specialized guidelines on caring for your garden, notes and sketches on feature elements such as pergolas, water features or gazebos. We provide advice on the best furniture & accessories to compliment & enhance your garden .We also lodge DA applications with council, attend council meetings on your behalf and guide you through the whole process.

Landscape Design Checklist

The following questionnaire is designed to stimulate your thinking about how you might gain the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment from your outdoor living space. It will also assist us in tailoring our initial consultation to your needs.

Background Information

First we need to gather some initial information about your garden and your home.

  • Which areas of your property do you wish to redesign?
     Front Garden Rear Garden Both Other
  • Are you able to provide us with any of the following?

    Which is your Local Council?

  • Who lives at the residence and will use the garden?

     Adults - How many?
     Children - How many?
    - Ages?
     Pets - Please give details
  • How would you describe your plans for the residence?

     Long term residence Interim home Currently preparing home for sale Planning renovations in the future

  • How would you describe the overall style you would like to achieve for your home?

  • What don’t you like about your current garden?

     Damp spots/drainageproblems Overlooking/Privacy Plants not thriving Out dated In poor condition Not to your style Other (please give details)

  • What do you like about your current garden?

  • Which elements of the garden would like to keep as is?

  • Which elements of the garden would you like to renovate and keep?

Defining the Spaces

Now we would like some information on how you would like to use your new garden.

  • What would you like to do in the garden?

     Outdoor dining Indoor/outdoor entertaining Cooking Casual seating Quiet retreat Children’s play Sports Growing edibles Hobbies Swimming

  • Which utility areas need to be included?

     Parking Shed storage Workshop Line drying Pet runs, enclosures etc Compost area/worm farm Bins storage Other (please give details)

Design Principles

The next section focuses on the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve in your outdoor space.

  • Is there a particular garden style you have in mind?

     Formal Australian Native Contemporary/Modern Cottage Other (please give details) Tropical Asian Mediterranean Permaculture

  • For each pair of design forms, which do you prefer?

     Straight lines Curves
     Symmetrical Asymmetrical
     Formal Informal
     Terraces/steps Gentle slopes

  • Which words would you select to sum up the overall feeling of the garden?

     Relaxing Private Energizing Social Exciting Spiritual Playful Open Sheltered Other (please give details)

The Details

Next we would like to focus in more detail on the built environment.

  • Are there any particular landscape features you would like to include in your new garden?

     Deck Pergola Gazebo/Cabana Paving Pool Spa Sauna BBQ Outdoor kitchen/ Pizza oven Fire Pit Sports court Water feature or pond Sculpture Paths/Steps Fences/Walls Retaining walls Children’s play area/Equipment Lighting Irrigation Other (please give details)

  • What materials do you like?

     Concrete Brick Rocks/boulders Flagstone Slate Marble/limestone Gravel Timber Bark Wrought iron Steel Copper Glass Other (please give details)

  • Are there any materials you dislike?

  • Next we would like to focus in more detail on the plants you might like in the garden.
    Plants can provide many things in the garden. What goals are you trying to achieve through your plantings?

     Add fragrance Add texture Attract wildlife Create privacy Reduce wind Grow edibles Provide cut flowers Low maintenance Low water use Other (please give details)

  • Which do you prefer?

     Flowers Foliage both

  • Which flower colours do you prefer?

  • Do you have any particular plants you would like to include in the garden?

  • Do you have any particular dislikes?

  • Do you have any plant allergies?

  • Installation and Maintenance

    This final section covers some of the practical issues around construction and ongoing maintenance of your outdoor space.

    Who will construct the landscape?

     Manna Landscapes Client

  • What is the timeframe for construction?

     Immediate Phased

  • What is your budget for landscape design and construction?

     Under $5,000 $10,000 to $25,000 $50,000 to $75,000 $100,000 to $150,000 Other (please give details) $5,000 to $10,000 $25,000 to $50,000 $75,000 to $100,000 Over $150,000

  • Who will do the ongoing maintenance?

     Manna Landscapes Other gardening service Client

  • How many hours per week are you prepared to spend on ongoing maintenance?

Personal Information
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  • Address :