Manna Landscapes Garden Maintenance – Keeping Your Garden in Shape

Garden Maintenance in the North Shore

A plant that grows wild in its native bush environment will take care of itself. However when we adopt a variety of plants and plant them around our homes we need to take good care of them in order for them to thrive.

Our experienced team will bring much enthusiasm, knowledge, expertise and equipment to your garden to further enhance and develop it. Passionate about gardening under their attentive care the plants on your property will thrive.

Following an onsite consultation we will develop a complete maintenance program tailored to nurture and further develop your garden and surrounding landscape. We don’t aim to keep you garden in its current state. Instead we want to ensure it reaches its full potential and really make it a feature of your household.

Our garden maintenance service usually involves

  • Fortnightly visits
  • Seasonal plantings
  • Fertilizing programs
  • Irrigation installations & adjustments
  • Pest & disease control
  • Mulching
  • Lawn care

We also undertake commercial garden maintenance services. No matter if you require services to mow the lawn at your corporate headquarters or you’re a hotel who has a high maintenance show garden – we have the professional service to help you.

The thing that makes our company different from other North Shore and Northern Beaches garden maintenance companies is our dedication and commitment. We take the time to understand each of our client’s needs so we can provide them with a tailored solution that works for them. This allows you to get the best possible service at a price that gives you great value for money.

Our fees are $55 per hour per man. These are highly competitive rates and because our staff are all experienced experts, they offer an efficient service that will take care of you garden maintenance needs throughout the Northern Beaches and North Shore quickly.