FAQs About Manna Landscaping Services

What does Manna Landscapes actually do?

As the name suggests, Manna Landscapes is involved in creating beautiful pieces of landscape. We provide residential and commercial landscaping as well as water features, landscape construction, and pre-school construction. There is a huge variety of landscaping features to beautify a property, and we are constantly adding to our selection.

Do you do ‘design only’ landscaping?

Of course. If you only want the design for now, then we can draft it up for you. You can then purchase the entire landscaping service when you feel more comfortable. Just get in touch, and we can work out what you are looking for in more detail. We also have an online form you can fill out prior to a design consultation, which helps us give you what you are looking for.

What are the benefits of landscaping?

Landscaping offers a myriad of benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Adding value to your property.
  2. Adding aesthetic appeal to the property.
  3. Personalising your property to your unique tastes.
  4. Providing a nice area for kids to play and adults to enjoy.
  5. Affecting how the house is viewed (in a positive manner).

A well thought out landscape can help in terms of portraying your house in the best possible light. Consider the difference between a flat entrance and an upward slope to the house or trees in front of the house instead of bare. Your landscape is the first thing visitors see before they even enter the house and makes a strong impression. Another benefit is drainage. Correct landscaping will allow water to drain away instead of pooling and destroying the land.

What is the Manna Landscapes Ethos?

Manna Landscapes believes in serving the client first and working with them to bring about the desired result. We are passionate about making beautiful gardens, and this enthusiasm always rubs off on clients. We bring our expertise and motivation to the table, and this brings about increased success for both parties.

Can I do my own landscaping?

You are allowed to complete your landscaping, and there is no law preventing this, though you might need planning permission for some of the larger projects. But landscaping requires a number of elements that most people will not have:

  1. You have to be able to visualise what you want in detail, and this is not an easy feat for those unspecialised in landscaping.
  2. You need to work out what tools are necessary to get this job done and will have to pay for their rental (not cheap).
  3. You need to do the laborious job of landscaping, which is time-consuming.

In short, while you can do the landscaping yourself, it is not practical.

Why should I hire professional landscaping services?

While you can’t really do your own landscaping in any practical sense, an equal danger lies in hiring low-quality workers who can actually do damage to your home. With something like landscaping, you definitely want to get your vision right. Use a licenced and insured service like Manna Landscapes.

Is landscaping expensive?

This depends on a lot of factors, such as size and speciality features. As a general rule of thumb, we would not recommend spending more than 5% of home value on landscaping (you are unlikely to recuperate any cost above this in a sale). The good news is that Manna Landscapes will actually work within your budget and can provide creative solutions as necessary. We iron out all of the details before we dig an inch, so you can rest assured we remain without your budget.

Can I have any landscape I want?

While Manna Landscapes can accommodate you as much as possible, the fact is that there are some things that will not fly. The climate is an important consideration, and certain plants/trees will not grow in certain climates. We’re very good, but we’re not magicians. There may also be zoning laws in your area that do not permit the erection of certain structures. But, generally speaking, we can create the design that you want and even enhance it as required.

What are some good tips on outdoor landscaping in Sydney?

Because the landscape is a reflection of the owner and there is such a variety, it can be hard to give tips without sounding opinionated. As they say, one girl’s gold is another’s garbage. But we can give recommendations of the more popular options, including:

  1. Timber Decking – Most gardens would do well to feature some kind of timber deck or a gazebo. Many are low maintenance and add a lot to the home value while providing a place to relax in the meantime.
  2. Water Features – A pool might be overkill, but you can place a tasteful pond or fountain to add a lovely feel and sound to the larger outdoor area.
  3. Pavers – Pavers can be a great way to make the garden look domesticated without really disrupting the environment. They are available in travertine, granite, limestone, and other materials.

It has to be said that the beauty of landscape design lies in the whole service, not the individual components. Give us a call, and we can work out the full project with all the features and tips included.

What kind of tools are needed for basic landscaping?

Landscaping involves a lot more than a simple wheelbarrow and a shovel. A small list of the necessary general tools includes:

  • Safety Gear – Including Gloves, Knee Pads, And Earmuffs.
  • Hoe – Rakes Up The Soil.
  • Rock Rake – Provides A Nice Finish For The Soil.
  • Limb Cutter – To Trim Trees And Overgrown Bushes.
  • Garden Fork – Can Remove Plants From The Soil Without Ruining The Roots.
  • Garden Trowel – Like A Mini Shovel For Weeds And Small Plants.
  • Weed Remover – Gets Under The Root To Rid Lawns Of Weeds For Good.
  • Shovels And Spades – Useful For Cleanup And Distribution.
  • Wheelbarrows – Moving soil and other material from one place to another.

What does Manna Landscapes garden maintenance entail?

We always specify exactly what we are going to do and at what cost before commencing work. Pruning, weeding, planting, watering, lawn mowing, and other services can be conducted. This is best done on a monthly basis, so your garden is kept pristine.

What skills does a landscaper need?

It depends on the ‘type’ of landscaper. The most important phase is the initial visualisation, where the plan is laid out. This visualisation, done by the designer, is the most important skill. It involves collaborating with the client to feel into what they need and combine this with decades of industry experience. However, this map can only be relevant if an architect has seen the land and agrees with the recommendations. Of course, many other skills are needed in terms of implementing the design. Every staff member plays a key role at Manna Landscapes, and we are very grateful to them for the work they do.

Does Manna Landscapes cater to commercial projects?

Absolutely. We have an extensive history of working on complex commercial projects and turning them over with simple natural solutions. We’ve worked with architects, developers, government departments, schools, kindergartens and commercial businesses. This has enabled us to build our knowledge in the field of landscaping and has also helped us to grow our social network. All of our commercial projects are completed with strict adherence to deadlines and budgets, as well as OHS regulations.