Why Choose Us

Why Choose Manna Landscapes

Selecting any kind of designer is hard. This is because you may not know exactly what you need, and have to pay to test out the contractors you are looking at.

But with Manna Landscapes, you don’t really really have this issue. With 25 years of industry experience and a 4.7 Star Facebook rating, we are well-known with a strong reputation to uphold in North Shore, Sydney Hills district, and Northern Beaches in Sydney.

What's more, we offer affordable rates with a transparent pricing model, so you never get hit with shock charges. You tell us your budget at the outset and we are careful to work within this budget.

To top it off, we are passionate about the work we do and understand that the landscape is a representation of the vision of the owner. We work to bring this vision to fruition. Some of our works of art can be found on our gallery page.

We are a one-stop-shop for all manner of landscaping, from garden maintenance to landscape construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the main reason to choose Manna Landscapes?

There are many reasons to choose Manna Landscapes. But it is our passion for the craft and for creating beautiful landscapes that are the main reason to choose our services. This is always at the forefront of our work - artistic, efficient, eco-friendly landscapes that are created in collaboration with the client.


What is the history of Manna Landscapes?

Manna Landscapes was founded in 1990 (over 25 years ago) by Jules Pritchard and has since grown to be the most reputable landscape speciality business in the North Shore. We have over 25 staff, all specially trained and passionate about their job. At Manna Landscapes, we have an overriding philosophy of serving the customer. Customer service is what we have built the business on.


Why should I choose professional landscaping services like Manna Landscapes instead of doing the work myself?

You can do a lot of garden work yourself, but landscaping is a little different. You need to know where to plant trees and shrubs, you need to dig holes and place down the features, you need to have a good eye for what looks best, and much more. Even if you know what to do, you’ll have to put in a lot of back work. The earth does not move. Much landscaping design will also involve concrete and tiles, so you need specialised tools. All things considered, it is easier to get the professionals to do the work.


Why does Manna Landscapes need so much information in the design consultation process?

The first step of the design consultation process is that you fill out an online questionnaire. There are many questions to be answered on this form, but this is so we can deliver you a better quality of service. Otherwise, we will run into communication difficulties. When we have more information, we can give you precisely what you are looking for. It’s worth the 15 minutes it will take to fill it out. The questionnaire is also designed to get you to think about what you are looking for in your garden. This process should be enjoyable.


Is Manna Landscapes licenced to perform its activities?

Of course, we are fully licenced. A landscaping licence is required for any business that performs structural work worth more than $5,000 in New South Wales. Structural landscaping is work involved in the construction of external landscape features as well as structures you cannot live in, including:

  1. Retaining walls of any non-habitable building.
  2. Fencing, driveways, paths and all other paving.
  3. Cabanas, pergolas, decks and other shelters.
  4. Ponds, water features and other structural ornamentation.


How can I choose a good landscape designer?

You should always look for a licence, testimonials, and decades of experience. This is enough to ensure you are dealing with a professional landscaping specialist who knows what he or she is doing. You also want to see their gallery to investigate prior work completed. Once this has been done, you know you are working with a professional landscape designer.

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