You’ll save more than just time when hiring landscape service to design your backyard or garden.

As Sydneysiders, we value our outdoor spaces almost as much as our indoor ones. Having a garden that we can relax and entertain in extends the total livable area on a property and helps us get the most out of our home purchase. What’s more, these spaces can be designed into any type of terrain and to meet any needs from poolside to dining spaces and putting greens.

When it comes to landscape design, your imagination is the limit. Except when it comes to actually doing the work yourself. Then you might find yourself limited by time, money, skills, and the sheer amount of work it can take to bring your outdoor dream to reality. Instead, most homeowners turn to the services of a professional to take the pressure and workload off of themselves while designing their garden.

But what can you expect from working with an expert, and what should you look for when choosing one?

After all, there are going to be pros and cons of hiring landscaper and you’ll need to know what to anticipate from the experience.

We’re breaking all of that down for you in our guide.

Landscape design includes more than you thought

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of hiring landscape service?

If you said lawn mowing, you wouldn’t be alone. And certainly, an expert can help with lawn upkeep when you’re short on time to do it yourself. But a professional’s talents will extend far beyond basic maintenance.

From design to construction, landscape specialists can completely transform the space you have into something that is more useable and practical for your needs. This includes everything from retaining walls to structural elements, lighting, and greenery.

All this means that if you hire a professional, you can take your garden or yard to a level you may have never thought possible.

Can you DIY your landscape?

There are certainly tasks you can endeavor to take on as an ambitious homeowner, but you’ll be limited by a few factors. For example, you’ll need the proper credentials (not to mention the know-how) to tackle any structural or building projects like walls or decking, so those are likely out of the picture if you go the DIY route.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from taking on your own replanting and gardening efforts. In fact, many homeowners find this to be a satisfying hobby. However, there are downsides to the approach. To start with, you’ll have to procure all of your own tools and plants, which can take time and add up. Then there’s the time it takes to actually remove the existing landscape, prepare it for new plantings, and install those new plantings correctly.

In the end, many homeowners find that, unless they’re swapping out something simple like a flower planter, they’re better off hiring the pros.

The pros of hiring a landscaper

Excited by the idea of transforming your garden but not looking forward to doing the work yourself? You stand to benefit quite a bit from turning to the professionals for help. Here are just some of the pros of hiring a landscape service here in Sydney.

#1: Time

Time is the first and foremost thing you’re going to save going with the pros. Not only will it spare you the effort of toiling in the soil yourself, but they will also be more skilled and efficient when it comes to doing the actual work. They’ll also have the manpower needed to complete the project in a reasonable timeframe, rather than however long it may take you to struggle through the process yourself in your spare hours.

#2: Money

Many landscape companies have relationships with suppliers and nurseries where they can get plants and materials at a bulk discount, and those savings can translate to you as a customer.

There’s also money to be saved by doing things right the first time and saving time in the first place. Professionals will spend their time on the design and planning phase to make sure that, once they start in on your yard, things run efficiently and effectively throughout the project.

#3: Safety

Yard landscaping might not seem like a dangerous task, but there is room for injury with any home improvement project, and yard work is no exception. This is especially true if you are having structures like decking or pergolas erected or large trees removed to make way for your new space design. Lawn equipment and tools can also be dangerous in unskilled hands, so it’s always safest to leave them to the experts.

#4: Efficiency

Pros can do more than just manage plantings for you, and the best landscape contractors can be a one-stop shop for all of your garden needs. Consider that doing it yourself could require you to hire out a builder, designer, garden center, electrician, and more to achieve your design. With a professional, you can have all of these services taken care of for you, either by the single company or by them coordinating any necessary subcontractors on your behalf.

#5: Design

Going with the pros also means that you’re likely to end up with a more amazing design than you could achieve on your own. The best landscape services have complete portfolios of their work that they can share with you to bring up design ideas you may never have even imagined.

#6: Maintenance

Building a relationship with your landscape service can also help when it comes to maintenance. Not only can you rely on them in the future to help you with any maintenance needs you might have, but you can also discuss the amount of maintenance you want in your design in the first place. Designs can integrate lower maintenance plantings and materials to make their upkeep easier on your time and your budget.

#7: Value

Professional landscape has a quality to it that is second to none. How the hardscapes, including walls and decking, integrate with the softscapes of turf, flower beds, and plantings is an art that can turn a yard into a true living space for your family. And that, in turn, can improve the overall value of your home. Outdoor landscapes done right can increase property values up to 10% or more, adding equity to your property in the event that you decide to move on one day.

The downside of hiring a landscaper for your garden

Of course, not everything is roses when it comes to home projects, and residential landscaping is no exception.

Consider that you’ll be at the mercy of the company’s schedule when it comes to getting started, from design to installation of your project. That means that things could be slower to get started than you might imagine at first, especially if there is a wait for a top professional. And when it comes to maintenance, like ongoing mowing and pruning, you’ll be beholden to their availability.

Style is also a major component of landscape design, and it can sometimes be a challenge to find someone who understands your aesthetic. From traditional to more modern designs, landscape design can take on a different effect with the plantings and materials you choose. And if you are not on the same page as your service provider, it can be frustrating to try to achieve the look and feel you want. That’s why it is so important in the early stages to ask to see a portfolio of their work. Just like an interior designer, a landscape designer will have their own personal style and approach.

Finally, you’ll want to consider cost, which can be both a pro and a con in hiring a professional. After all, you’ll have to front the money to hire out the contractor who will have to pay not only for the materials and plantings you want, but also their employee wages, equipment, and overhead costs like insurance. However, it will all be worth it in the end when your dream yard is complete.

Create a dreamscape in your yard with Manna Landscapes

Landscape design is an opportunity to extend your living space where space is a commodity here in Sydney. Manna Landscapes is renowned throughout Sydney and the suburbs with over 25 years of experience creating innovative and practical spaces for homeowners, no matter how big or small their space is.

We’re more than just landscapers; we’re designers dedicated to optimising every space for design aesthetic and functionality. Manna Landscapes can also work within any size budget and features a transparent pricing model so you’ll never be surprised by hidden costs.

We look forward to helping transform your outdoor spaces. To get started, call us on 0415 837 699 to request a free quote and design consultation.